You are an Ingenious Inventor!

Just as the name suggests, you are ingenious and inventive! Within this category, there are three different paths to explore.

Find a new hobby as a foodie, as a design artist or with nature. Keep exploring to find the perfect hobby for you.


You like working with your hands and creating food. Experimenting and transforming raw ingredients is a work of love. Your creations both nourish and make people happy. These hobbies transform nicely into careers as well – all 7 billion people on the planet need to eat!

Design Artist

You possess an instinctive three dimensional sense of creativity. With that special gift, you have a desire to construct and build, along with adding your own distinctive mark.

Natural Beauty

You know and appreciate the value of feeling good. You prefer a healthy, natural approach to well-being. Besides your own quest to feel better, you enjoy helping, teaching and talking to others about feeling good.

Didn’t Connect with Any of These?

Not to worry. Go exploring on your own. Click on a category below to go your own way. 

Ingenious Inventor

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