You are a Rock Star!

Just as the name suggests, you are a rock star! Within this category, there are four different paths to explore.

Find a new hobby in meaningful music, as an entertainer, in a garage band or orchestra. Keep exploring to find the perfect hobby for you.

Meaningful Music

You are a very creative thinker and often find that music best expresses your feelings. Meaning and connections are important to you. You and/or your music belong on a stage.


It’s not a party until you get there or you planned it. You are a social animal and enjoy entertaining whether it is a quiet dinner for four or a bash for hundreds!

Garage Band

You like rhythm and playing nice with others. You can imagine yourself playing totally in synch with the band and grooving playing to the audience.


While you love music and can see yourself playing a complex instrument yourself, you can also see yourself as an important part of a bigger arena and fitting in nicely.

Didn’t Connect with Any of These?

Not to worry. Go exploring on your own. Click on a category below to go your own way. 

Rock Star

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