You are a Mover and Shaker!

Just as the name suggests, you are a mover and a shaker! Within this category, there are three different paths to explore.

Find a new hobby in dance, exercise or hitting your target. Keep exploring to find the perfect hobby for you.


You are a shaker and mover. While you enjoy being fit, you also like to blend fitness with music and rhythm. You get energized by moving!

Exercise on Your Own

You challenge your personal best and compete on your own terms. When you are successful, the glory is all yours. You also enjoy some time to reflect, think and recharge away from others.

Finding the Target

You like logic and encountering the laws of physics. You find joy and a sense of accomplishment by working the angles and complex challenges. The challenge makes it more fun.

Didn’t Connect with Any of These?

Not to worry. Go exploring on your own. Click on a category below to go your own way. 

Mover and a Shaker

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