You are a Gifted Creator!

Just as the name suggests, you are gifted and are inspried by creating. Within this category, there are three different paths to explore.

Find a new hobby as an artist of incredible gifts, as a discoverer or through looking good. Keep exploring to find the perfect hobby for you.

Gift Artist

You have an appreciation for unique gifts and think of ways to improve them. Beyond the creation and production of the item, you can see a special person who would appreciate having it. Your drive is the joy that item will bring to others.


You are a deep thinker and are excited at the concept of discovery! You strive to connect the dots and dive deep.

Outer Beauty – Looking Good!

You’re not so vain as to think this category is about you, but you do have an appreciation for beauty and fashion! Besides your own quest to look good, you enjoy helping, teaching and talking to others about looking good.

Didn’t Connect with Any of These?

Not to worry. Go exploring on your own. Click on a category below to go your own way. 

Gifted Creator

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