You are a Clever Crafter!

Just as the name suggests, you are clever and so very crafty. Within this category, there are three different paths to explore.

Find a new hobby as a celebration artist, a model maker or a sharp artist. Keep exploring to find the perfect hobby for you.

Celebration Artist

You look at ordinary materials and visualize a world of creativity. Feelings and messages inside of you blossom through a labor of love. You create meaning from mundane.

Model Maker

You are a builder and a tinkerer. You see things that are larger than life and can translate them with all their details to others who can then appreciate your magic.

Sharp Artist

You are definitely a “sharp” person and good with your hands. You also have an underlying need to create, express and give back. You have pride in your creations and can visualize them being worn by yourself or others.

Didn’t Connect with Any of These?

Not to worry. Go exploring on your own. Click on a category below to go your own way. 

Clever Crafter

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