Video Promo

Can you imagine having a commercial that will promote you and your business?

How does having extra help to sell your products or services sound to you?

If you are ready to showcase your business, let me create a video that will help you do just that.

So Affordable

I will create a short video where I give you a testimonial and encourage others to buy.

There is a one-time fee of $33 for the video.

It’s so important to make wise decisions on how you spend money on your business.

Sometimes it takes a lot of investment before you see your hard work pay off.

But sometimes you find a good, valuable deal.

And this is it.

You won’t break the bank having this video made.

It will be money well spent on a commercial that promotes you.

Just One Example

Take a look at this video about Angelique LaFontaine.

Your video can be just me talking or pictures of your product with me talking in the background or a combination of both.

Use the Video on Your Website

Consider putting this video on your website to work for you 24/7.

With a video from an outside source, you have instant credibility.

You could talk into your iPhone and create a video and throw it up on your site. But it’s still you. Promoting you.

When I do it, your friends and family don’t know me and will believe me.

And new visitors to your site will notice that someone, who isn’t you, is giving a personal testimonial about you and how great your products and/or services are.

I can help you.

Share the Video on Social Media

You can also periodically and strategically send the video out through your favorite social media outlets.

Consider sending the video out to your followers on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or another favorite site.

The more exposure, the better.

Get a Video That Promotes You and Your Product/Service

So now you have a choice to make.

Keep promoting how you are promoting or add a video to your strategic plan.


Get Your Video Here

I look forward to working with you.