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Video Tour of Hobsess

Walking Tour of Hobsess

If you happen to be at work or someplace that you can’t watch a video, take this walking tour of Hobsess and check it out. 

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Where to Search Your Hobby

At the top and the bottom of each page on Hobsess, you can search your favorite hobby. You will see all the info on that topic.

If there isn’t any info, you can always suggest that we add that hobby to our ever-growing list of hobbies.

Where to Find Fun

Find fun in three places.

First, take the Hobsessment to match your personality with a list of hobbies to try.

Read more about the Hobsessment and go ahead and take it there.

Second, click on the category (picture) you like on moving photo album located in the center of the home page. And also seen here:

[soliloquy id=”7080″]

Third, you can also use the drop-down menu at the top.

Just hover over Find a Hobby and click to take the Hobsessment Quiz or on a category that you want to explore.

You can find a hobby

Why Are Experts Important?

The best and fastest way to learn something is by hearing from an expert.

Be the expert someone needs by getting interviewed

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or learn from experts by finding them here at Meet an Expert.

Learn to Earn

There are also several articles you can read about if interested in starting your own business and making money from your hobby.

You can find all the blog posts on that topic by clicking on Learn to Earn in the top navigation bar.

Learn to Save

If you need to get a budget and learn how to save, there are a few articles to read. Click on Learn to Save in the nav bar.

My Obsessions

OK, this section is purely selfish. It is here in My Obsessions that I write about what I want to.


Feels good!


I am creating products in a Hobsess store hosted by Red Bubble. I create a design and then decide what type of products to sell that will display my design. Check it out and maybe get a little inspiration to start your own shop. 🙂

Latest Blog Posts

On the home page, you will find the latest blog posts that I have written. Scroll down and start looking under my picture.

It’s an assortment of topics but if you want to focus on a particular topic, use the navigation bar above.

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