Every couple of months or so, the running angel and devil visit me.

One sits on my right shoulder. The other on my left.

The running angel says, “Yes, it’s time to start. Your name is Rev. You are always in a hurry. Running will get you there faster. Not to mention, it is great exercise! What are you waiting for?”

Then the running devil takes over. “Did you remember that you are over 50? You know how hard running is on your knees! Do you want to get a knee replacement by the time you get to 60??? Are you crazy??????”


Going the 5K Route

Last year, I invited a friend of mine from high school (thank you Facebook) to do a 5K with me that was held in her city, Ft. Worth.

I thought it would be better to build in some accountability and have something to work toward.

It kind of backfired. When you get together with someone you haven’t seen in 30 years, catching up becomes way more important than running.

Also, it was Oktoberfest and the 5K started and ended at Rahr & Sons Brewery. How awesome is that?

It was fun but I didn’t turn into a runner.

Another 5K

Recently, I talked my beloved into doing the Katy Trail 5K in Dallas with me and was really surprised when he agreed.

Run!It was a low threat situation since he doesn’t run. I went in knowing we were just going to walk it.

Much to my surprise, it was really toasty. Not surprising that Texas is hot but it had been unseasonably cool for such a long time and yes, we got spoiled.

So to be more comfortable, we ran in the sun and walked in the shade.

It was a lot of fun. There was a big party after in Reverchon Park with local restaurants giving out free food and since it was sponsored by Michelob, there was free beer.

What we learned is that the runners get the good food and the walkers get the leftovers. Once the food is gone, it is gone!

The incentive to run…

Next Goal

I think I will keep signing up for 5Ks until I can run the entire thing.

What I have learned from those who sponsor the 5K is that it is more important for them to create a fun time so you will get into running and get the bug.

I definitely have the bug. 

Get Started With Running

Click here to go to our running hobby page to learn everything you need to know about getting started on your own adventure.

Not Giving Up

Even though this running thing hasn’t stuck yet, I’m not giving up.

Anyone out there running as a hobby?

Is it as bad as the devil says?

What is your experience? 

Looking forward to hearing from you so I can be like you. 🙂