Talk about something on my bucket list! I want to learn to paint.

A few months ago my Montana sister came for a visit to our lakehouse at Cedar Creek. We decided to let our creative juices flow and give painting a try. She found a place called Stop-N-Gogh Art Studio in Mabank, TX but we didn’t get the chance to go.

Our Class

I have collected a lot of painting supplies along the way because I really want to learn. So out on the back patio we slapped some paint on a canvas (it was really water colors on water color paper – but it was painting!)

My Montana sister’s work of art looked like she had been at it for awhile. My work looked more like a 3rd grader. It’s harder than it looks.

A few weeks ago, my friend Shawn asked me if I would like to go to one of those paint and drink wine places. Her sister, Sheryl, has been several times in the DFW area.

Sheryl hangs up her creations in her garage and calls it her “Garage Art.” I love that.

Be FreeWe live in Dallas and there are tons of artsy places to go with your friends, have a drink and paint a particular painting. 

Now this is not a “learn to paint” class. I mean, if you are drinking wine, you aren’t really in a state of serious learning. This is a fun atmosphere and you can pretend for a few hours that you are an artist!

So when Shawn asked me and I told her about Stop-n-Gogh, that was it! We signed up. 

Fortunately, it was around the 4th of July and when we saw the picture we were going to paint, we got that much more excited!

Talk About Fun!

The reason I love the city is the access to so many ways to entertain ourselves. But I love the treasures that I find in small towns.

Stop-n-Gogh is one of those treasures.

Our class was small. Our teacher was awesome. Perfect place.

I wish I had a picture of our instructor, Brittney. She is adorable and fun and so surprisingly calm. 

I love artists.

There were some painting materials on the table like brushes and water. Then, she gave us a blank canvas.

Why is it that a blank canvas is so intimidating? I can hear it mocking me (You don’t know how to paint! What are YOU going to do to me? This ought to be entertaining!!!).

Brittney told us what to do and we followed along step-by-step.

I went astray a couple of times but she somehow made it all ok. Even when I got red where blue was supposed to go, she said it added character and I believed her!


So even though I want to make “real” painting my hobby some day, a class like this is a great place to start.

I was able to get comfortable with the materials and found a way to conquer the intimidation of the white canvas.

Check out Shawn and me feeling victorious!

Me and Shawn

Get Started With Painting

Click here to go to our painting hobby page and get started today on your own adventure.

So What About You?

Have you ever been to one of these art studios before? What was your experience? Do you want to try painting as a hobby?

Would love to hear your thoughts on painting below.