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So you are an avid reader and love to get lost in a good book. Consider becoming a speed reader to cover more information faster. Maybe you have to read for school or work.  Learning to read at a faster rate can tap into the phenomenal brain power that you have.

1. Watch This “How To” Video:

Learn a few speed reading tips from Tim Ferris.

2. Learn How (Get a book!):

More Books

3. Get Materials:

More Speed Reading Resources

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Are you just getting started or are you an expert? Get involved with others who share your interest and/or passion in speed reading.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips. For several years I am still struggling to come over with subvocalization. This is still fine on my work-related emails but I can not avoid it on books or fiction text.

    Will try the suggestion in comments from Mark – however chewing gum while reading books may give me a headache. Will try it out anyways.

    • Maybe you could try his suggestion of humming instead of chewing gum. Good luck on your improving this skill.

  2. I have gone through similar stages to improve my skills but also to get rid of some of the habits. Particularly subvocalization was tricky. I found chewing a gum or humming a melody to be helpful here in order to reduce it. What about you? What is your fave?

    Furthermore, learning to read chunk of words took me some time. I found Ron Cole’s book ‘SuperReader’ a good mentor here and he also offers some free pen and paper material to practice. This is another hopefully helpful resource for further inspiration. https://www.speedreadinglounge.com/how-to-speed-read

    • Thanks so much, Mark, for sharing your experience and especially your resources. I really appreciate you sharing your expertise. 🙂


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