By now, I’m sure you have ever heard of, but if not, check it out. It’s a gold mine! You can learn to earn using Fiverr. Starting today.

Fiverr offers products and services starting at only $5. They advertise themselves as the marketplace for creative and professional services.

You can buy or you can sell.

It’s a unique and entertaining place if you need to hire a creative or if you are that creative, you can be hired.

Learn to Earn Using Fiverr

learn to earn using fiverr

You Can Buy

First of all, if you need help taking your business to a new level but lack skills to get there, you can buy products like website design, video promo, graphics, press releases, blog posts, etc. 

There are also services like virtual assistants, branding services, financial and legal consulting and market research.

The products and services can assist you with whatever business needs you may have so the best place to start searching is with the categories at the top of their homepage: Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, Music & Audio, Programming & Tech, Business, and Fun & Lifestyle.

Review the Categories

Let’s take a look at the categories on Fiverr and see if you are attracted to any of these. 

Graphics & Design: Cartoons & Caricatures, Social Media Design, Illustrations, Business Cards & Stationery, Banner Ads, T-shirts, 3D & 2D Models, Web & Mobile Design, Invitations, Presentations & Infographics, Logo Design, Photoshop Editing, Flyers & Posters and Others

Digital Marketing: Social Marketing, SEO, Get Traffic, Bookmarking & Links, Reviews, Blog Mentions, Article & PR Submission, Video Marketing, Fan Pages, Keyword Research, Web Analytics, Domain Research and Others

Writing & Translation: Proofreading & Editing, Creative Writing, Articles & Blog Posts, Translation, Business Copywriting, Transcription, Resumes & Cover Letters, Press Releases, Research & Summaries, Legal Writing and Others

Video & Animation: Intros, Animation & 3D, Commercials, Editing & Post Production, Testimonials & Reviews by Actors, Stop Motion, Puppets, and Others

Music & Audio: Jingles & Drops, Producers & Composers, Session Musicians, Singers & Songwriters, Mixing & Mastering, Sound Effects, Voice-overs and Others

Programming & Tech: Mobile Apps & Web, Convert Files, Support & IT, WordPress, E-commerce, Data Analysis & Reports, Web Programming, Website Builders & CMS, Databases, Desktop Applications, QA and Others

Business: Virtual Assistant, Business Tips, Market Research, Business Plans, Financial Consulting, Branding Services, Presentations, Legal Consulting, Career Advice and Others

Fun & LifestyleVideo Greetings, Arts & Crafts, Online Private Lessons, Health & Fitness, Travel, Relationship Advice, Cooking Recipes, Diet & Weight Loss, Makeup, Styling & Beauty, Animal Care & Pets, Parenting Tips and Others

How I Used Fiverr

I have used Fiverr for my logo and for a promo video before I had anything on Hobsess.

So here was my first gig (this is what jobs are called on Fiverr).

I wanted a logo and a banner for Hobsess. I searched and found jtengle (Jonathan Tengle). After explaining what I wanted, he sent the first draft:

learn to earn using fiverr

I didn’t want to introduce new colors and fonts to my site so I asked him to use the same font as my headings and sent him the 3 hex colors that I wanted to use consistently. Here is the next one he sent:

learn to earn using fiverr

I thought that was a lot better. Notice my original tagline is very different than it is now.

Overall, I was very pleased with jtengle’s work and can highly recommend him. He was very patient and happy to create exactly what I wanted.

I also wanted a video to act as a placeholder while I worked on the content of Hobsess so I went to Fiverr again. 

I found an Australian Guy to make the video for me. I wrote the script and paid a little more than $5 to get a longer video in HD. Here is the final product:

Awesome, right?

There are so many products and services for you to use to better assist you with your money making venture. 

You Can Sell

But you may want to consider offering your talents on Fiverr to sell to others and make money that way. The marketplace is already set up.

All you have to do is set up your seller’s account and get started.

Just like any other business, you will have to market your services to be sold all over the world. 

After you set up your place on Fiverr, send the link to all your friends and family to help you get started. Ask them to send your link to anyone they know that might need your services. 

This is a place that relies heavily on testimonials. I have had a couple of bad experiences with sellers on Fiverr and would never recommend them.

Just know going in, that the better you are to your customers, the faster your Fiverr business will grow.

But this is true in any business venture where you work directly with customers.

Be kind. Be fair. Be awesome.

And your business will grow.

What Services Do You Need to Buy OR Can Sell?

After you start searching on Fiverr, you will be amazed at what people are selling.

Begin your search with a notepad to jot down what you need for your business venture.

Also, write down any of the services that are offered that you feel you are really good at and could sell yourself.

If putting your services on Fiverr seems like a great way to make money, consider putting together a business plan to sell your products, services or both.

Ready to Make Fiverr Work for You?

Fiverr is a phenomenal marketplace that can either help you profit by filling in the holes and needs you have for your business or even your own personal use.

It is also a fantastic place for you to put your own talents and creativity to work to make some extra cash.

Are you ready to see how using Fiverr can work for you?