Ah Amazon. You beautiful beast! So many online entrepreneurs trying to tame you.

Regardless of your feelings toward Amazon. It is a monster. A wonderful, opportunistic monster.

But more importantly, you may be thinking, “How Can I Make Money on Amazon?” and cash in on this monster? You can learn to earn money on Amazon. 


Selling on Amazon

Yes, this might seem obvious but Amazon gets their products to sell from someone, why not you?

If you already have a product, great. Make sure and check first to see if it is on their approved list.

If you need a product, there is an entire Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Program for you. 

Here’s how it works. You go to Ross, Big Lots, etc. and buy really good products for cheap. Package them up and send to Amazon to sell for you.

The products are shipped to the customers from Amazon to give them peace of mind (it’s not coming from some random person) and you my friend have cashed in on buying low and selling high.

Advertising Online

There are a few ways to advertise using Amazon. You can put ads for your e-commerce website (if you have that set up already) on Amazon.

Shoppers, being in the shopping mood already, go to your site and keep on buying.

You can also sign up to be an Amazon Associate and put ads on your site. If a customer goes from your website and then makes a purchase on Amazon, then you will make a small percentage for advertising.

The hobby pages on Hobsess are used for Amazon advertising. See examples on Candle Making, Yoga, Baking or Guitar.

You don’t have to have your own website to become an Amazon Associate and advertise their products.

Find a product that you love and promote it using Facebook, Twitter or your favorite social media platform. 

People love reviews and if you combine your experience with the product, you are more likely to get someone to try it.

There are so many options for this type of advertising.

You are only limited by your own imagination. And of course Amazon’s Terms of Use!

Payment Solutions

Amazon has a couple of payment solutions to help you with your online store. The fees are low with no hidden costs.

Your customers can pay using the familiar, Pay with Amazon button, which they trust already.

You have the advantage of being associated with a powerhouse.

Check out Amazon Pay which has many options for merchants.

How convenient is that?

Amazon’s Developer Services and Technologies

With Amazon Developer Services and Technologies, you have the opportunity to build voice, apps, games, software and more.

However, it is very exciting to know that you can get your very own technology into the hands of more customers using Amazon. 

You can also monetize your app further using Amazon’s APIs.

If you are into creating software, voice or Android apps, Amazon can definitely help you cash in. 

Independent Publishing

It has never been so easy to publish a Kindle book and get your work of art/thought into the digital hands of customers. 

It’s time to finally write that book you have been putting off. 

You don’t need the expense of going the self-publishing route. You can use that money to advertise and market to appeal to customers that need your book.

Amazon also has a service you can use if you prefer to have a printed book so check out CreateSpace and get that going.

Last, but not least, they have an Audiobook Creation program so once you have your book written, there is no reason why you can’t turn it into an audiobook and sell it to customers who prefer this venue.

Ready to Get Started?

With so many ways to earn money using Amazon (see list here), did you find a way that appeals to you? 

Use the links to research further and let me know which option you are going to try.

Here’s to your success!