If you have ever considered selling an online course, you can really get started on your dream today.

You have a gift. 

And you are an expert.

You may even have a desire to teach others.

Why not share your expertise, create a course, and then sell it online?

Sound like a lot of work? Yes. It is.

But it’s one of those projects that after it is completed, you can cash in on it over and over and over again.

Learn to Profit by Selling an Online Course

selling an online course

Become Your Favorite Teacher

Remember what your favorite teacher was like?

Was she funny? Interesting? Engaging? What made her your favorite?

After identifying those irresistible skills, then copy them.

That’s right. 

Become the magnet that your favorite teacher was and you will attract students.

Creating Your Course

What are you good at? Crocheting, guitar, dancing, selling???

With online courses, you will most likely want to set up and plan for using video to teach.

Now you can offer handouts, eBook, workbook or other PDFs but the majority of your teaching will be looking directly into the camera and speaking as if the lens is the eyes of your students.

It can be a little intimidating at first but you will get the hang of it.

I took a Udemy course not too long ago and the instructor seemed to be barking and scolding and I wondered why I even spent the money.

Although the information was good, the delivery was not.

So, do a few practice talks and then watch your video. Are you looking around instead of at the camera? Are you rambling? Are you using too many fillers like um, like, etc.?

You can always edit your videos but just be aware of how you deliver the message.

How Can You Sell Your Course?

Holy moly! There are a ton of sites that want to help you with your online course.

There are many sites that offer services on packaging your online course to sell on your own website.

I am mentioning a few resources here that I have used and that have a marketplace for you to sell your course.

Decide on what your end goals are before using any service and make sure it fits your needs. 

Click on the site name to go there.



I love the way they describe their site – 

“Skillshare classes are taught by everyday creators who are passionate about what they do – people like you, your friends, and your colleagues. You don’t need to have experience or be well-known to start a class and grow a following. We’ll help you get there.”

Doesn’t that make you want to dust off your clarinet and start teaching??? Me too!



This site has been around for a while and has made some instructors rich and others mad.

Make sure you read the FAQs first to learn more about revenue sharing, pricing and promoting.

They offer courses on anything from flower arrangement to sewing to how to make money with Udemy courses!



This site has a lot of options.

You can sell your online courses and you can promote other courses and get paid for both.

A lot of the courses are geared toward business so be sure and ask to see if your information is a fit.



Get started for free. 

This particular site lets you get started teaching for free with unlimited students and courses. You can customize your course site, have your own branding and control student and pricing. 

This is a great option if you want your course to be an extension of an existing website or brand.

Take the Plunge and Start Your Online Course

These few websites mentioned make it so easy for you to share your knowledge with the world and also get paid!

Begin now by outlining your course. 

Under each big idea, write down at least 3 bullet points.

Turn on the camera and get going.

You very well may be setting yourself up to be someone’s favorite teacher.

Let us know below what you can teach and/or if you are ready to start your online course.