Have you ever wondered how you can profit at craft fairs?

On a visit to celebrate my mom for Mother’s Day one year, we happened to stumble upon a craft fair in Lawton, OK. 

I had forgotten just how incredibly awesome these venues can be. 

We met artisans selling their handmade goods.

We met a lady who made beautiful jewelry. She continued to make jewelry as her mom helped customers.

We met a retired gentleman who made woodworking works of art. He told us that this was the best time of his life and he enjoyed making money this way so much better than his chosen career. That was a paycheck but this was his life. His hobby-turned-business benefited him just as much mentally as financially.

We saw birdhouses and paintings and scarves and t-shirts and more. So much more.

We even had a gyro for lunch made by an authentic Grecian. My mom had chicken (because she was chicken! 😉 ) and I had lamb (because I am adventurous!).

It was the day we found out that there are vineyards and wineries in Oklahoma! Now that was a surprise.

Learn How to Profit at Craft Fairs

profit at craft fairs

Get Out There!

Even if selling online is your thing, it would be a good idea to get to a craft fair to sell directly to your customers.

One of the most important business principles ever invented is, “Know thy customer!

Knowing as much as possible about the person most attracted to purchase your products can not only help you expand by marketing to similar customers but these customers can offer valuable feedback to ensure quality and give additional ideas.

Advertise Yourself

Use social media and tell your regular online customers that you will be HERE selling WHAT.

You may find that they would love to meet you in person.

Searching for the Right Venue

How can you find craft fairs or festivals that would be good for you to try?

It depends on how long you have lived in the area. You may want to ask friends and family about events that they like to go to. You can also search online.

In Texas, I searched for “Craft Fairs” and found DFW Craft Shows and Texas Craft Shows. It’s crazy to see just how many fairs are going on in any given month.

It’s important to find out the fees that the fair will charge and offset this cost with the number of sales you will need to make to justify the expense.

However, if your mission is to talk to customers, the cost may be inconsequential.

Call on Your Brother!

Take a friend with you. Yes, this is going to be an issue.

Especially, if you are used to working alone.  

And, yes it is asking a lot of someone so be ready with some kind of bribe!

BUT this will allow you to visit with customers, ask them questions and get feedback as well as keep your goods protected while you take a bathroom break or go grab lunch.

Are You Ready?

Going to craft fairs where customers buy directly from artists can be insightful and valuable to growing your business.

Go give it a try and let us know all about your visit.