Oh yeah! I’m not even exaggerating. I’m am going to teach you how to make the World’s Greatest Guacamole.

Secret Family Recipe

Everything I make somehow gets called my secret family recipe.

It’s not.

I just like the way it sounds.

Since there are so many ways to make this delectable dish, I do have a few secrets I can share on why my guac is so tasty.

Just follow these simple steps using these simple ingredients and get ready to WOW your friends and family.

World's Greatest Guacamole

It’s Just What We Do Here

If you live in Texas, you have to learn to make a killer guacamole. It’s just what you do.

But really, it doesn’t matter where you live, you need this, especially if you like Mexican food.

You know, every guac maker has their own variation. Some add lime. Some add jalapeno. Some add spices like cumin or smoked paprika. And more. Much, much more.

I’ve made it several ways but I’m going to share with you my favorite crowd-pleasing, kid-friendly, perfectly tame for those who don’t like food to set their mouth on fire guacamole.

World’s Greatest Guacamole

Here is everything you need to make the World’s Greatest Guacamole: avocados, white or yellow onion, tomatoes, kosher salt and a chopper (affiliate link) that chops into small cubes. And chips, of course. That’s it.

Here is everything You Need to Make the World's Greatest Guacamole

But wait!

There’s more.

You may have used these ingredients before but your guacamole was just OK.

Get ready to be shocked and amazed.

We Start With Tomatoes

You can use any kind of tomato that you happen to have on hand. I actually bought Roma tomatoes to use in this recipe but somehow they got eaten.

Oh well, these little cherry tomatoes will work just fine.

Prep tomatoes for the chopper.

Cut up tomatoes first while making the World's Greatest Guacamole

Secret #1: Use the Vidalia Chop Wizard

I know I introduced the Vidalia Chop Wizard in the first picture but I cannot tell you in a simple blog post, the love I have for this tool. 

It is the greatest invention for cutting up vegetables. 

Click on the chopper for more info

I hate cutting up veggies.

How I would wish for a Sous Chef long before I even knew what one was! I just wanted someone to cut vegetables up for me. I have zero knife skills.

Now this beautiful chopper does it all.

The reason it is one of the key secrets is that when both the tomatoes and onions are cut into tiny cubes, neither overpowers the guacamole.

Genius? Yes.

Not to mention, old school chopping takes too long and makes you cry. πŸ™

Try the Vidalia Chop Wizard to make the World's Greatest Guacamole

Just put the cut side down on the chopper, if using cherry tomatoes. If you are using another type of tomato, cut into thin slices (1/4 inch) and put the slices down on the blades.

Make sure and use the smallest size of the blade.

cutting tomatoes for guacamole

Shove the top down on the tomatoes and watch the magic happen!

Catches little cubes inside chopper

Beautiful little tomato cubes!

Little cubes of tomatoes for guacamole

Here Come the Onions

I cut the onion up like this and remove the outer layers that aren’t edible.

cut up onion

Put the onion like this on the blades to create cubes.

onion cut side down

Tomatoes and Onions Are Ready to Go

Waiting there. Patiently.

Tomato and Onion cubes in small bowls

Prepare the Avocados

Avocados don’t like air. Seriously, from the time they are cut open, they are susceptible to turning brown. 

cut avocado

After you cut them open, jam your knife into the seed and twist. Pops right out.

remove seed from avocado

I used about 4 avocados for this demo. It will vary depending on the size of your crowd.

Four Avocados in bowl to make guacamole

Secret #2: Prep the Avocados

Smash the avocados with a fork to get rid of the large chunks. 

Secret #2 is to prep the avocado before adding anything.

By prepping the avocado first, it is much easier to add the other ingredients later. That way you won’t over mix.

Smashing avocados with fork

Add the Tomatoes and Onions to the Avocado

Tomatoes first. You can always add more. Add just enough that you think will mix well and look pretty. πŸ™‚

Adding tomatoes to avocados

Next, add the onion. Again, you can always add more later.

add onions to tomatoes and avocados

Mix these three ingredients until well blended.

Stir all ingredients together

Secret #3: Smash and Salt (But NOT Just Any Salt)

Strange step, right? Smash the mixture around the bowl to make sure that the salt is added evenly.

Smooth mixture out and add salt

Don’t use just any salt.

Use coarse Kosher salt.

Must use kosher

Kosher salt brings the flavor alive!

And remember, like the other ingredients, start out stingy with the salt. You can always add more.

Sprinkle kosher salt on top

Mix the salt into the guacamole. 

And now, it’s time to taste test. Oh yeah!

Mix final ingredients together

Secret #4: Chip Selection

The next secret to making the World’s Greatest Guacamole doesn’t have anything to do with making the guacamole but everything to do with how it tastes.

It’s all about which chips to select: I use Tostitos Hint of Lime tortilla chips.

This is my secret weapon that makes the guacamole taste so much better.

Tostitios Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips

You can also use Julio’s or seasoned Santita’s or whatever seasoned tortilla chips you have in your area.

See what I did there? 

Don’t use plain tortilla chips.

Make the guacamole the star by making the chips extra flavorful.

It’s also the reason that you don’t need to add a lot of spices or lime to the guacamole.

Load up the chip with guacamole

Oh, I know you want a bite!

Here's some guacamole for you

Here’s a Tip

Guacamole is best served immediately.

But if that doesn’t work, you can freeze it to have later.

Remember, avocados don’t like air.

Spoon the guac into a ziplock bag and try to squeeze all the air out.

Then, put in the freezer.

So easy to have this when you are ready.

You Can Freeze Leftovers

Still Need More?

AFTER, you try my recipe, here are some celebrity chef recipes you might want to experiment with. Chrissy Teigen has an interesting spin on her version.

Continue to play around with it. Even the very worst guacamole, will still taste pretty good.

What is Your Crowd-Pleasing Way to Make Guacamole?

Since there are so many “World’s Greatest Guacamole” recipes, what is your secret? What do you add to your World’s Greatest Guacamole?

Or are you ready to give this recipe a try?

Secrets of Making the World's Greatest Guacamole