January is National Hobby Month. What better way to start the new year than with a new hobby?!?

All Work and No Play…

Find a HobbyI never really had a hobby that I have been passionate about or have obsessed over.

I am the youngest of the Baby Boomers and have spent most of my life working long hours. When I was not working, I was thinking about work and what had to be done. It even haunted me in my sleep!

A Few Attempts

There were some brief moments when I dabbled in the hobby world. When I got a divorce, I took up cross stitch and stitched my way out of the funk.

My sister got into woodworking and painting so I bought a scroll saw, wood and paints and then pretended like I could be as talented as she was. I wasn’t.

I’ve taken up running several times and have always somehow ended up back on the sofa. (I’m not giving up on this one!)

January is National Hobby Month!

Why National Hobby Month is Important

We need hobbies because of how it can benefit us. It can relieve stress, challenge your brain, allow you to leave a legacy, or help you make a little extra cash on the side.

It can also provide an experience for you that is all about you.

You give your time, money and effort to everyone else.

Having a hobby is your opportunity to do something that will bring you joy and charge your battery!

How to Get Started

The best place to start is by taking our free Hobsessmentâ„¢ (click here to go to the quiz) so you can match your personality to a list of hobbies.

Also, take time to review this article, How to Celebrate National Hobby Month.

New Year ~ New Hobby

This is the year to do something for yourself. Take the quiz and then share your results below. I would love to hear about the hobby that you love or if you did take the quiz, which hobby you plan to try first.

Hobby New Year everybody!

January is National Hobby Month!