If I hear one more 20-something on a TV commercial, tell me not to “fear aging” because they have found the secret of how to get rid of wrinkles, I am going to gag. It is sooooooo tempting to hurl my shoe at the Samsung. Seriously, I cannot roll my eyes far enough back in my head to fully exhibit my contempt. It’s Madness, I tell you!

When I was in my 20s, my face was wrinkle-free. The morning of my 30th birthday, BAM – eye wrinkles! What the, huh???

It seemed to happen that fast.

If Your Eyes are a Window to Your Soul – My Soul is Dark, Tired and Wrinkled

So depressing.

But, I’m not giving up without a fight!

I hear about so many remedies from all-natural to facial exercises to creamy miracles to medical procedures. Some of the remedies have arrived too late (stay out of the sun – who cares about that when you are in your teens and 20s?) and some are ridiculous (don’t get stressed out – puh-leese!)

So let’s take a look at four different techniques – with a few choices for each – to fight the inevitable…

Maybe something on this page will be the key to the question on every 50+ mind – how to get rid of wrinkles!

All Natural

OK everybody, open up the pantry and the fridge, we are getting ready to peel back the years with some home remedies. Here are a few we can try:

  1. Milk and Honey (If toddlers and bees aren’t chasing you around maybe this could work.)
  2. Lemon and Sugar (Use as an exfoliant and then have some lemonade!)
  3. Egg Whites (Mix up and apply like a Lemon Meringue Pie. You will look delicious!)
  4. Oil – Grapeseed, Flaxseed, Coconut, Castor, etc. (apply it, eat it, bathe in it, go for it)
  5. Avocado (apply mashed fruit directly under eyes – better make sure no one else is home)
  6. Cucumber (old faithful, I heard about this one as a child, still haven’t tried it, it just may be time)
  7. Orange Juice (use twice a day – morning and night – add vodka to remaining – ok, you got me, I added that last part)
  8. Yogurt Mask (mix yogurt, honey, orange juice, banana, apply and leave for 15 minutes; then call me so I can come over and LMAO)

Facial Exercises and Massage

Now these are easy tips anyone can do. So go ahead and look up and stretch out your neck(s), open your mouth like a choir boy and look surprised. Sneak in a little massage there while no one is looking. Come on, try these:

    1. Make faces to give your wrinkles a little exercise
    2. Give yourself a face massage and perk right up (if you are 20-something – might take a little longer for the rest of us)

Lifestyle Changes

There’s no big secret about why I look like I do. I’m still making this list anyway. It’s never too late to change.

  1. All PostsAvoid the sun (so hard to do when you’re young – not that hard when you see what it’s done to your face!)
  2. Don’t smoke (easy for non-smokers – I never was a smoker but I am from a long line of heavy smokers and yes, they ended up looking very wrinkled)
  3. Get reading glasses when you need them (squinting is not cool and gives you wrinkles, says the one who put this off as long as possible – even after failing the driver’s eye test, so embarrassing. I’m still mad about it!)
  4. Sleep on your back (Heard this on Dr. Oz. But what do you do when your beloved pokes you in the side after your snoring wakes him up and yells – TURN OVER! This is just an example that I wanted to pose, I’m not saying that it has happened to me. OK, it’s happened to me.)
  5. Watch what you eat (Why does this one always have to creep in!!! They say that eating foods with antioxidants and Omega-3 help. So go crazy on fruits, vegetables, fish and dark chocolate!)
  6. Monitor your stress (have a cup of tea, listen to elevator music, take a bath, etc. – good luck)
  7. Exfoliate (Every time I hear Giada de Laurentiis interviewed she always says this is how she stays looking young. I haven’t decided if I like her or not. Chefs should not be that skinny!)
  8. Moisturize (Go ahead and lather it on. They say that Alpha-Hydroxy Acids and Retinoids are the best.)
  9. Use sunscreen (Your mother was right!)
  10. Drink some water (stay hydrated, whatever)
  11. Go easy on the alcohol (I think this means during the week…)

Medical Treatments

For celebrities, the hard core, serious, and me.

  1. Botox (try looking surprised all the time)
  2. Chemical Peels (chemical = burns your dead skin off; peels = softens the blow)
  3. Micro- or Dermabrasion (vacuuming/sand blasting your face)
  4. Laser Treatment (zap away the old, get ready for the new)
  5. Injections/Fillers (needle injects plumping goo – very scientific!)
  6. Face Lift (the full Monty – oh go ahead, nobody is going to judge)

Share below what you do to stay ahead of wrinkles or which ones on the list above that you are willing to try. I am definitely going to keep you posted on what I try and what seems to work.

More Research

To continue your search on getting rid of wrinkles, click here for a great article from Health Ambition including a variety of natural ways to combat those pesky lines!








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