Hobsessment Results

Here is a complete list of the results of the Hobsessment.

And remember, if you don’t like your results, feel free to choose another group! The important thing is for you to find a hobby that you can connect to and enjoy and only YOU know how to do that.

Clever Crafter

For the Clever Crafter!

Model Maker
You are a builder and a tinkerer. You see things that are larger than life and can translate them with all their details to others who can then appreciate your magic.

Sharp Artist
You are definitely a “sharp” person and good with your hands. You also have an underlying need to create, express and give back. You have pride in your creations and can visualize them being worn by yourself or others.

Celebration Artist
You look at ordinary materials and visualize a world of creativity. Feelings and messages inside of you blossom through a labor of love. You create meaning from mundane.


Gifted Creator

For the Gifted Creator!

Gift Artist
You have an appreciation for unique gifts and think of ways to improve them. Beyond the creation and production of the item, you can see a special person who would appreciate having it. Your drive is the joy that item will bring to others.

You are a deep thinker and are excited at the concept of discovery! You strive to connect the dots and dive deep.

Outer Beauty
You’re not so vain as to think this category is about you, but you do have an appreciation for beauty and fashion! Besides your own quest to look good, you enjoy helping, teaching and talking to others about looking good.


Ingenious Inventor

For the Ingenious Inventor!

You like working with your hands and creating food. Experimenting and transforming raw ingredients is a work of love. Your creations both nourish and make people happy. These hobbies transform nicely into careers as well – all 7 billion people on the planet need to eat!

Design Artist
You possess an instinctive three-dimensional sense of creativity. With that special gift, you have a desire to construct and build, along with adding your own distinctive mark.

Natural Beauty
You know and appreciate the value of feeling good. You prefer a healthy, natural approach to well-being. Besides your own quest to feel better, you enjoy helping, teaching and talking to others about feeling good.


Innovative Mastermind

For the Innovative Mastermind!

Communicator: Reading and Writing
You are an expert processor of information. You have a unique ability to synthesize words and data and quickly make sense of them. You believe words are powerful.

You are a tinkerer of technology! You express your creative gifts in the world of bits, bytes, and pixels.

Master Drinker
You get excited by the challenge of savoring, and maybe even creating adult beverages. If you are into designing and making them, you probably got an “A” in your Chemistry class.


Creative Champion

For the Creative Champion!

Wood Artist
You like working and creating from “scratch” and improvising with wood whether it is an untouched block of wood or an expensive antique chair. You have probably thought of creating some unique items to express your individuality.  Odds are that you already have some tools you need for these hobbies.

Inner Beauty Focus
You have a deep desire to know more about people, feelings and how you can improve your life and the lives of those around you. Unlike Mick Jagger, you know you can “get satisfaction” so you have that going for you already. You enjoy helping, teaching and giving.

You like the outdoors and express joy by growing beautiful and nourishing things. You are also a creative person and like to learn and experiment with nature.


Magic Maker

For the Magic Maker!

Magic in Nature
You value the magic of interacting with living things. You are basically a very cerebral person and enjoy learning and working with nature.

Magic in Winning
You are a master calculator, a strategist who can see visualize the winning path.  Whether creating, planning or playing, you create magic.

Magic in Music
As a music lover, you have an innate appreciation for the magic of blending sounds.  This requires the ability to synthesize creatively.

Magic in the Air
You like exploiting radio waves and making magic. Whether it is talking to someone on the other side of the world or flying a mini-helicopter in your house, you like the possibilities!


Mover and a Shaker

For the Mover and Shaker!

You are a shaker and mover. While you enjoy being fit, you also like to blend fitness with music and rhythm. You get energized by moving!

Individual Exercise
You challenge your personal best and compete on your own terms. When you are successful, the glory is all yours. You also enjoy some time to reflect, think and recharge away from others.

On Target
You like logic and encountering the laws of physics. You find joy and a sense of accomplishment by working the angles and complex challenges. The challenge makes it more fun.


Rock Star

For the Rock Star!

Meaningful Music
You are a very creative thinker and often find that music best expresses your feelings. Meaning and connections are important to you. You and/or your music belong on a stage.

It’s not a party until you get there or you planned it. You are a social animal and enjoy entertaining whether it is a quiet dinner for four or a bash for hundreds!

Garage Band
You like rhythm and playing nice with others. You can imagine yourself playing totally in synch with the band and grooving playing to the audience.

While you love music and can see yourself playing a complex instrument yourself, you can also see yourself as an important part of a bigger arena and fitting in nicely.


Action Hero

For the Action Hero!

Great Outdoors
If you could, you would be outdoors every day of your life! Whether it is the challenge of camping in the wild or spending quiet mornings fishing on the banks of a calm lake, you really enjoy being outside.

Team Exercise
You are a winner with a competitive streak. You may love the thrill of being on a team or you find competing with another a great way to improve your personal best.

Travel and Talk
You are interested in other cultures to develop and expand your mind. You see being able to communicate in another language satisfying your need for discovery, intrigue and the unlocking of new worlds.

Travel and Shop
You will go to the ends of the world for a good deal! As a thrifty bargain hunter, you get excited just as much for the hunt as well as the treasure.


Thrill Seeker

For the Thrill Seeker!

Going Places
You’d like to be like Johnny Cash in his song “I’ve Been Everywhere.” You have a natural curiosity to go where you haven’t gone before and see what you haven’t seen before.

You are always looking for an adrenaline rush! You like to take risks and are confident in your physical abilities. Explore our largest Hobsessment Grouping!