Today, we have a guest post from Tom Barkley. He is an online explorer. Tom loves coding websites and during the weekend he loves to fly his drone with his companion, his pet Lia. Get ready to find the best deals when shopping on the Internet!

Finding the Best Deals For Sale on the Internet

Are you tired of visiting each shop and mall just to get a good deal?

I spent long hours in shopping malls just trying on each piece of clothing looking for one that would fit me.

After I discovered online shopping, my life took a surprising turn.

I found that you spend little time browsing through different deals and you also save yourself from those trick stores which make you pay more for low-quality products.

Of course, even online shopping comes with its challenges.

Luckily, I’ve now become a pro online shopper and I’ll take this opportunity to give you some inside information for whenever you turn to online shopping.

1. Do Not Use The Shopping Cart

Get good at online shopping!I suggest that you buy items in what I like to call a “two-stage process.”

First, you should log in and look for what suits you.

Put it in your cart, close the browser and wait for around two days.

What do you think will happen?

Well, leaving items in your online cart shows the stores that you’re just thinking of whether to buy the product or not.

So, what they will do is try to entice you with fantastic deals.

When I did this, I received a coupon in my inbox, tipping me to the purchase.

2. Avoid The “Free Shipping” Function As Much As Possible

So why am I against free shipping?

Well, the simple answer is that it does not mean you get great deals.

For instance, a site like Amazon charges nothing when it comes to shipping, you would flock to it, right?

So, just because there is free shipping, it does not mean that you’ve landed an excellent deal.

Instead, try to compare the total costs with that of other websites before you even checkout.

3. Take Advantage of Twitter

I’m a huge fan of Twitter; this made me notice that online sales sometimes happen unannounced.

I, therefore, urge all online shoppers to create a separate Twitter handle for following what I like to call “dealhounds” or “savvy bloggers.”

Their tweets will lead you to sales you didn’t even know about.

You could still use your Twitter account although it’s not a smart move.

You’ll often get long lists full of shopping deals.

4. Your Location Matters a Lot!

start online shopping todayIf you live in an upscale area and do your shopping there, you could be at a huge disadvantage.

I also found that online businesses use all the available information to charge you more than usual.

If you live in a rich zip code, know that you might be charged more because the seller knows you can easily afford it.

You can, therefore, use your VPN to give a different IP address and avoid getting unfair charges!

5. Remember To Delete Your Browser History

If you are a new customer, vendors are more likely to offer better discounts just to “close the deal.”

For my shopping browser, I’ve taken the time to create a particular kind of “shopping” account to fool online vendors into thinking I’m a brand new customer.

I, therefore, get fantastic deals each time I visit their site.

If you mostly use Chrome, you might consider using Firefox for shopping.

All you need to do is clear your cookies after shopping and you’ll always check out with a huge smile on your face.

Now, It’s Your Turn

The world of online shopping comes with impressive deals if you are a keen shopper.

While I was shopping, I was mainly looking for a good toy car for my son.

I went through several RC rank top cars reviews until I got one at an affordable deal.

Just follow the methods above, and you’ll join me in the world of happy online shoppers!

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