I know what you’re thinking. “You’re so vain. I bet you think this blog post is about you. Don’t you?”

HA! Just a little side trip down memory lane thanks to Carly Simon, but anyway, I have to tell you up front that all the hobbies in the “Beauty” category on Hobsess are not just focused on the outside. There are some very important ones focused on the inside.

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Use Beauty Hobbies for Personal Development

Outside Beauty vs Inside Beauty for Personal Development

When I tell you that it is really important to get a beauty hobby, I truly think the inside is just as important as the outside.

Our culture is outside-focused: what you look like, who you wear, how your hair looks, what makeup do you use, you are too fat, you are too thin, and on and on and on.

So judgy.

But, what does it matter?

Beware the Elevator, Then Ignore

When we are young, we care about what others think. Some people care their entire lives. How miserable that must be.

I do have a couple of friends though, who give elevator looks.

Frog Tells It Like It IsYou know, they start at eye level, then move their entire head down as they take in every inch.

Then, as quickly as judgement is made on the way down, their eyes move back up and land on your eyes.

Has this happened to you?

Do you know the type?

A common trait in those who give elevator looks is the fact that they are perfectionists and think everyone in their world should be and look perfect.

They are very critical of other’s outward appearance and mentally scold with their disapproving stares or boldly make comments to make you change.

Frog Tells It Like It IsEven though it’s hurtful and hateful, you do not have to buy into it.

The beautiful thing about getting older is that you find just how little you need someone else’s approval. 

Do what makes you happy.

Wear what makes you happy.

And if there is something about you that you want to change, then change it because you want to.

It’s your life.

Get a Beauty Hobby to Change the Outside

You can find a hobby in the beauty category that will help you change the outside.

You could learn to give a facial and how to properly do makeup so that your skin, and others if you decide to share your talent, will glow. 

Learning how to cut and style hair can help you save money. I know several families that have saved a ton when someone in the family learned to cut and fix hair. 

If you have an interest in fashion, you are doing the world a disservice by not pursuing it. You could become a designer and have your own line but it first starts with learning about design. Share your gifts and let us wear them.

Another very practical way to save money through a hobby is to learn how to give a manicure and a pedicure. Your hands and feet will thank you.

Get a Beauty Hobby to Change the Inside

As I mentioned earlier, you can also find a hobby to develop the inside.

This is a hobby focused on your mental happiness and it is self help, personal growth, and personal development at it’s best. 

Having a hobby where you focus on creating a beautiful world will, in fact, create a beautiful you.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Having a hobby where you focus on creating a beautiful world will, in fact, create a beautiful you.” quote=”Having a hobby where you focus on creating a beautiful world will, in fact, create a beautiful you.”]

Focus on your mental needs through meditation. How can being still, closing your eyes and breathing help create beauty? Try it. You’ll see.

You can also learn all about aromatherapy and essential oils for better health. Sleep better, feel better, heal yourself with natural oils. Become the witch doctor in your family.  ๐Ÿ˜€ 

There is also magical healing power in touch. Learn all about acupressure and massage to share the magic.

You can also share beauty with others by being a docent. Of course, you do have to live in an area where there is a museum but you will find great joy in sharing with others.

Lastly, you can focus on yourself through personal growth or focus on others through philanthropy. Both are important in developing a rich, full life.

Take a Video Tour of the Beauty Hobbies

Go to the Beauty Page explained in the video.

Need More Convincing?

Read 5 Reasons to Have Beauty as a Hobby and get ready to choose one!

Which Beauty Hobby is for You?

So, now that you are familiar with hobbies for beauty on the outside and inside, which one are you going to do?

Better yet, which ones do you already do? Why do you like it? What does it do for you?