Why is it that some of us are drawn to exercise as adults and some of us aren’t?

Some of us are very athletic and some so very uncoordinated.

We all know that exercise can improve the quality of life physically as well as mentally.

So, let me invite you to get an exercise hobby for your health.

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Choose an Exercise Hobby for Your Health

We want to move.

We’ve got to move.

We are just built that way.

Then, why do so many of us sit more than move?

We sit in front of the computer. We sit in front of the TV. We sit. We sit. We sit.

Here are a few tricks to make sure you can always find a way to keep moving.

Choose One For a Quick Win

No lessons required. No special equipment needed. Pick an exercise that you can do today.

I recommend walking unless you are physically unable. Everybody else. Go get your walking shoes.

Another great exercise to start with is yoga.

Of course, you may have to modify some of the moves but that’s ok.

Don’t let your age get in the way of starting a new exercise. Just take it slow. (I hope you realize I am writing this to myself but at the same time telling myself this message is for you. I may need an exercise intervention.)

Choose One for Outdoors

When you have an exercise hobby that takes you outdoors, not only do you get a workout but also a dose of Vitamin D.

Just don’t forget the sunscreen.

Perfect outdoor hobbies for exercise are running, walking, and cycling.

If you really like the outdoors, check out this hobby category dedicated to the sun. There are some addition activities that will definitely give you exercise.

Choose One for Indoors (DVD) and By Yourself

Always have an exercise hobby for a rainy (or snowy) day.

When you can’t go outside, how are you going to get the sweat flowing?

Purchase a DVD to pop in and start your workout.

Great hobbies for this would be aerobics, kettlebell, Tai Chi, and yoga.

Choose One with a Team

If you like to get your exercise and socialize too, consider all the exercise hobbies that require a team.

You could play baseball, basketball, bowling, football, or soccer.

Get some exercise.

Make some friends.

Choose One with a Partner

There are a few hobbies that require a partner where you can improve your skills with someone else.

Hobbies like ballroom dancing, boxing, country dancing, fencing, martial arts, salsa dancing, square dancing, and tennis.

When your exercise includes another person, you are more likely to keep doing it.

Accountability is a powerful thing.

Choose One To Do By Yourself

There are many exercise hobbies that you can do alone.

There may be others around, but this skill benefits you and only you.

Hobbies like bodybuilding, going to the gym, ballet, belly dancing and ice skating are perfect examples.

You may like to socialize with others around but the results are all yours.

Exercise Hobby

Need More Convincing?

Read 5 Reasons to Make Exercise Your Hobby and get ready to choose.

Which One Did You Choose?

You probably already have an exercise hobby that you love. Which one is it? Why did you pick it? What do you love about it?

Can’t wait to hear from you…