About Hobsess

Everyone needs a hobby. Everyone.

They are the perfect escape to help you find joy.

And if that’s all you want then Hobsess can help you find the perfect hobby for you.

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What we offer…

Hobsess is a resource for learning about hobbies. Your search will help you understand more about a particular hobby through a variety of resources:

  • access to free resources
  • free how to videos with step-by-step instructions or information for beginners
  • convenient access to necessary books, materials or equipment
  • advice from experts
  • recommendations on products
  • connections to organizations, associations, forums, and established communities

A lot of the information is free – which is awesome. But there is also the opportunity to purchase books, materials and/or equipment as needed.

Affiliate Links

For your convenience, there are affiliate links throughout the site. Hobsess will make a small amount from each one to keep the site going. The vendors that are being recommended hopefully will provide the best learning and resources for you. 

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Hobby Biz

If you really want to get obsessed over your hobby, make it a source of income. Turn your hobby into your business.

Hobbies can create a product or service; give energy or relaxation; be only for fun or create a fortune.

Positioning yourself to profit from doing something you love can be the single most important decision to living a full and complete life.

Hobsess can help you learn from other business owners (meet experts here), help you promote your business (get interviewed here) and give you tips and encouragement as you grow your own hobby biz (sign up below).