Are you one of the 16 million Americans affected by rosacea? This pesky red skin condition is not only annoying but unpredictable.

Not so long ago, I cashed in on a gift card that my honey gave me for a fancy high society Park Cities’ facial.

This was not your average go to the back room at a run-of-the-mill nail salon.

This was an appointment with an esthetician.

I really felt spoiled.

Treat Rosacea

Ms. Surprised

I met with Ms. Surprised (as I will refer to her in lieu of her real name aka name was changed to protect the innocent) and there were two things that struck me right away.

1. She was about 10+ years older than I am but her skin was wrinkle-free and

2. She looked surprised.


The entire time.

Botox is funny.

Ms. Surprised turned on the “now it’s time to relax” music and went to work.

And work she did for about an hour and ten minutes.

I was jello.

After the session, she told me that although she is no dermatologist, she has been an esthetician for over 30 years. From her experience, she said she thought I had developed rosacea.

Nothing severe but I might want to get it checked out.

I’m thinking – oh great!

I went from relaxed to worried in 2 seconds flat.


I quickly realized that I really don’t know what this skin condition is but when I started reading about it I found out that they don’t know what causes it and there is no cure.

Double great.

My cheeks and forehead get a little red sometimes but I never thought this was actually a skin condition with a name.

I learned that April is Rosacea Awareness Month so consider yourself aware!

There are over 16 million people that have rosacea and many of them don’t know it.

I didn’t.

The Big Reveal

noxemaAfter my treatment, Ms. Surprised let me in on a little known secret.

If you have a mild case of rosacea, are rebellious and do not want to go to the doctor, you can treat the symptoms with a cheap, facial cleanser from your high school days – Noxema.

I didn’t even know they still made Noxema but after a trip to Target, I can verify that yes, they do!

Also, I’m no dermatologist either so you should consult with one and not use a blog post as medical advice.


Back to the Beginning

When I was in junior high, I went over to my friend, Brenda Weldon’s house.

She decided she was going to give me a facial and whipped out the Noxema.

After putting a little dab on, I started screaming about the burning!

I instantly turned into a drama queen.

Anyway, I remember using Noxema in high school after I got over the initial tingling shock.

I decided the burning was working and became a fan.

The Cheap Trick

Through the years I have cleaned my face with very cheap to very expensive cleansers and now I find myself back to where I started.

I have noticed that my skin rarely gets red and I like to think that this cheap trick is the answer.

I don’t know if it will work for you but I think it’s worth a try. 

What have you got to lose?

Do Your Own Research

In honor of Rosacea Awareness Month, do yourself a favor and go learn more about it from the National Rosacea Society.

Find out more about the symptoms, triggers, and treatment to see if it can help you.

As for me, every time I open up the jar of Noxema, that smell takes me right back to high school and makes me smile.

Treat Rosacea