Go outside and play! It’s time to start exploring hobbies that get you outside.

An outdoor hobby is just what you need.

The sun, the sky, and the breeze are guaranteed to put a great, big smile on your face.

Alone or with friends, you can find an outside activity that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

Get an Outdoor Hobby

Here are 5 reasons to get an outdoor hobby.

Go Get an outdoor hobby

1. Improves Your Mood

Just the simple act of getting outdoors can improve your mental state.

So if nature can make you happy, why not select a hobby that will get you outdoors more?

There are both active and passive outdoor hobbies to choose from so select one that suits your personality.

Start with the list below.

2. Can Be Great Exercise

Depending on the outdoor hobby that you choose, you can combine an outdoor and exercise hobby.

A two-fer!

Hiking, canoeing, whitewater rafting, all kinds of skiing, etc. will allow you to enjoy nature and get a good workout.

3. Get a Shot of Vitamin D

The natural version of Vitamin D is much more powerful than the pill.

All it takes is a few minutes outside and you will get a much-needed shot of Vitamin D.

If you need a better immune system, select a hobby that will take you outdoors. 

4. Relieves Anxiety

Having an outdoor hobby has been proven that just being outside has a calming effect.

Even those in the city can benefit if they can find even a tiny bit of green space.

Need to clear your mind? Get outside.

Need to bring peace to your life? Choose an outdoor hobby.

5. Activates the Brain

Outdoor activities can get physical and also activate your brain. 

It isn’t just the hobby that keeps your brain active but also the environment.

The combination of being outside and actively engaged is powerful and contributes to overall well being.

Check out this Science Daily article if you want to learn more.

Where to Start Looking

Start with this list below and click on a hobby that you might like to try.

So Many Hobbies, So Little Time!

I know.

There’s quite a few.

And this obviously isn’t even all of them but it will give you a place to start.

Let me hear from you below, which “Outdoor” hobby are you ready to try?

If you already have a hobby in this category, what do you do and what is your reason for doing it? Give us some inspiration!

Get an outdoor hobby