Find Your Passion!It really is possible to find your passion. But it takes some work.

What do you enjoy doing when you are alone that fills you with joy, challenge, fulfillment, happiness, peace, etc.?

Separate from your family. Separate from your friends.

Do you have a hobby that is all yours?

To make sure that you get the most out of your short time here on the planet, you have got to find your passion.

Open your mind to adventure.

Do You Have a Passion?

It’s so easy to get caught up in others’ passions that sometimes you might step back and realize that there is nothing in your life that is just for you.

Women over 50 are the worst at this!

We are so afraid that someone will call us “selfish” that we spend our time making sure that the others in our lives are happy.

People call you “selfish” when you aren’t tending to their “selfish” needs, wants, etc.

Oh boy. That’s messed up.

Let’s get away from the label and live our lives without fear, regret and fill it with our own personal passions!

You only get one life. Make it awesome.Find Your Passion!

How to Find Your Passion

OK now. Let’s get to the heart of the matter and try three techniques (plus 2 bonuses) for finding your passion.

1. Self-Reflection Questions

So, get in a quiet place without distractions and let’s see what your passion may be by starting with a few questions. Go get a cup/glass of whatever, a notebook and pen.

Focus on you. Just YOU.

Time for brainstorming.

  1. What are/were you interested in? Past or present.
  2. What do you love doing?
  3. What are you good at?
  4. What do others ask your advice about?
  5. What are your gifts?
  6. What subjects are you attracted to?
  7. What do you Google or Pin or love on Facebook?
  8. What do you enjoy reading about?

Did something come up for you? Have you landed on an interest to pursue? It’s OK either way.

If you are ready, explore your interests then let us hear from you in the comments below about what you are going to try first.

If you are still searching, move on to the second technique.

2. Interview Someone Who Loves You

Now that you have started your list. Let’s get outside of our own minds and get the opinions of those close to us. It could be your spouse, a family member or a good friend.

The purpose of this activity is not to do what they say but only for the sake of collecting more information. Sometimes an outside perspective helps.

Ask them:

  1. What do you think I’m good at?
  2. Have I ever mentioned to you that I wanted to try something?
  3. Is there something that you think I would enjoy trying?

Jot down their answers and compare to your responses on the Self-Reflection Questions. Are there any matches? Does something that you say interest or challenge you to want to pursue something new?

If you are still searching, move on to our third suggestion in helping to find your passion.

3. Take the Hobsessment

If you are still searching, we have put together a quiz to match your interests to a list of hobbies.

There are 24 short questions. Respond with your first feeling or thought.

It isn’t designed to bring you stress. Just for you to connect your personality to hobbies that you might like.

When ready click here to go take the Hobsessment.

Bonus #1: All the Results of the Hobsessment

If you didn’t print out your results from taking the Hobsessment, you can click here to receive a complete list (with links) of 200+ hobbies to explore.

Bonus #2: Search Using the List Below

Select one of the categories below to go directly to pages with possible hobbies for you to start your search. Watch the “How to” video on the hobby page to know if you would be interested in pursuing this particular hobby.

Did you find IT?

Please share your results from any of the suggestions above and let us know what you have decided to try.

I’m rooting for you.

Here’s to you and your passion!