How often do you feel like your life is on the brink? If you’re thinking, “A LOT!” then, I’ve got some really good news for you. There are 3 hobbies that you must get going to create a beautiful life.

3 Hobbies for a Beautiful Life

As you may know, it’s National Hobby Month. Oh. You didn’t? Well, it is.

I think it is scheduled for January because they’re thinking since you are writing your resolutions to have a better year anyway, why not throw some new hobbies in there?

New year. New hobbies. New adventure. New fun.

We have hobbies because they make us happy and they aren’t work. 

So prepare to have an awesome year and start new hobbies by following these three goals.

1. A Hobby for a Beautiful Mind

You don’t use it. You lose it.

Yes, I’m talking about your mind. 

Get a hobby for your mindIt’s one thing to know this. It’s another to finally do something about it.

Pick up a hobby that energizes you when you are learning and makes your brain hurt – in a good way. 🙂

Some examples would be learning a new language like Spanish, French or Italian

Other great activities for your mind are in the technology category. Most hobbies in this area make you think, learn and grow because they are always changing.

Actually, any hobby that is new to you is going to work your mind. So, take this quiz (click here) to match your personality with a list of hobbies. 

See where that journey takes you.

Which hobby did you choose for your mind?

2. A Hobby for a Beautiful Body

Sometimes when life gets so hectic, it’s tempting to just want to go home and curl up in the fetal position and just wish everything would go away.

Don’t do that.

Get a hobby for your bodyGet a hobby that makes you move your body. 

Exercise creates endorphins and and endorphins make you happy. (see how stuff works)

Isn’t that reason enough? 

Check out these exercise hobbies and the many outdoor hobbies that are designed to get you out of that funk.

Which hobby did you choose for your body?

3. A Hobby for a Beautiful Spirit

A hobby for your mind can keep you as sharp as possible. A hobby for your body can ward off depression and keep you looking good. Why a hobby for your spirit?

Get a hobby for your spiritBecause your mind and body can only do so much. Your spirit is what keeps you centered. Grounded. Complete.

Whether your source is a higher power and you look up or within, get a hobby that will feed your spirit.

Some hobbies might include meditation, journaling, yoga, personal growth or philanthropy.

But you could definitely make an argument for music hobbies, leisure hobbies or a few of the outdoor hobbies to fill your spirit. 

Find something to lift your spirits.

Which hobby did you choose for your spirit?

3 Hobbies Perfect for You

I wish this article could tell you exactly which 3 hobbies to pick in each category to find peace, fulfillment, and joy. 

But I can’t.

That’s the good news and it’s the bad news.

It’s the bad news because it will take some exploration on your part to find a great match for you.

It’s the good news because isn’t that fantastic? That you like what you like. You are unique. You are are free to choose.

So, what’s it going to be?

Tell me below about the hobbies that you have selected and how they make your life beautiful. I look forward to hearing about your unique, tailor-made, perfect selections for you.

3 Hobbies for a Beautiful Life