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Best Deals for Online Shopping

Five Ways to Find the Best Deals for Shopping Online

Today, we have a guest post from Tom Barkley. He is an online explorer. Tom loves coding websites and during the weekend ...
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But First, a Hobby

It's time. For whatever reason. You need a new hobby. The Beginning I started Hobsess because I needed a hobby. Something new ...
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Pinterest for your hobby business

How to Promote Your Hobby Business using Pinterest

Are you ready for a profitable February? The holidays have been over for awhile and you are probably back in your routine ...
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3 steps promote hobby business

How to Promote Your Hobby Business in January

It's here. A new year. Do you need a plan to promote your hobby business in January through social media? I know ...
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Learn Yoga After 50

The Best Way to Learn Yoga

So you want to learn yoga? Me too. Yoga not only helps the body but also the mind. Look into the health ...
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Meet Angelique LaFontaine

Meet Angelique: Engineer & Artist

There are wannabes and then there are doers. I am really excited to introduce to you, Angelique LaFontaine. She is definitely a ...
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Meet Clearissa Coward

Meet Clearissa: Divinely Organized

There are some people who focus on one thing and then there are those who can do it all. Meet Clearissa. She ...
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Sweet Bri's Bakery

Meet Briana of Sweet Bri’s Bakery

I can usually tell in about 10 seconds if I like someone and want to talk to them more. Can't you? I ...
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David, Metal Arts Artist

Meet David: Metal Art Artist

I was in Forney, TX recently and found an Artisan and Farmer's Market event. Small towns bring out the best people. It ...
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Meet Aiste of Woolen Clogs

Meet AistÄ— of Woolen Clogs

I am always amazed at what artists create. I mean really. They put everything they have and who they are into their ...
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Introducing Jessi Munn, Extraordinary Artist

Meet Jessi Munn: Expert at Crocheting, Weaving, Jewelry and the Divine

I love hearing what different people are interested in and the artist that I want to introduce you today is fascinating. Jessi ...
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Exercise Hobby for You

How to Choose an Exercise Hobby for Your Health

Why is it that some of us are drawn to exercise as adults and some of us aren't? Some of us are ...
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Meet Kim S. Joy, a stained glass expert

Meet Kim S. Joy: Stained Glass Expert

I have always had an appreciation of art. Maybe, I should rephrase. I have always had an appreciation for artists. I find ...
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You can have beauty as your Personal Development hobby

Find a Beauty Hobby for Personal Development

I know what you're thinking. "You're so vain. I bet you think this blog post is about you. Don't you?" HA! Just ...
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This is Julie of NotSewStrange

Meet Julie of NotSewStrange: Sewing Expert

Do you know how to sew? I learned in high school but not before I sewed the armhole shut (not once but ...
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